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April 2, 2018

The Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center has incorporated a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the technique of micropigmentation to its aesthetic team. Amparo Ortega Olivares has been doing treatments and training for more than two decades both in Spain and internationally. He argues that this technique has advanced in terms of the manufacture of pigments and state-of-the-art equipment and ensures that “in order to carry out a treatment it is essential that the center complies with the sanitary hygienic standards”.


  • What is micropigmentation?
    It is a technique whose objective is aimed at improving, highlighting, modifying and beautifying areas of the face and to restore or correct areas of the body. It involves the implantation of pigments in the epidermis, coloring it. The result allows you to look nice and subtle at all times.
  • What applications does this technique have?
    It is used to make the lips more attractive, with an appearance of greater volume and hiding imperfections. It is applied on the eyebrows, providing more expressiveness and balance to the face. The eyes can be delineated, optimally increasing the density of the eyelashes and used in the reconstruction of areolas in women who have undergone breast reconstructions, among other things.
  • What is the protocol to follow?
    It is very important to go to a center that complies with sanitary hygienic standards, equipment, pigments and authorized materials. Currently, there are national and regional regulations that regulate these applications.
  • Which are the steps to follow?
    The first is a prior appointment to inform the client and see their health status. Explain the care before and after treatment and we have to perform a tolerance test to be able to perform a good treatment.
  • What is the result of this technique?
    It is a very natural result that makes the person not feel different. After the treatment it is necessary to carry out a maintenance, every year, refreshing and giving life to the color. It is a technique that offers very good results.
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March 14, 2018

Roberto Sánchez, manager of the soccer hall Plásticos Romero

  • What is the link that the team has with the CMVC?
    For us, the CMVC is a fundamental piece in the operation of the Club, as well as being a sponsor of it. And it is because it gives us all the medical services that a First Division Club needs and that are fundamental for the proper functioning of it. It is a comprehensive service that includes recognition, prevention, treatment and recovery of injuries, radiodiagnosis, analytical, 24-hour emergency, sports trauma, etc., taking care of even the smallest detail: as the attention to the relatives of the players, when they come from countries like Brazil, it becomes a plus of quality.


  • What are the tests that players undergo at the Medical Center?
    At the beginning of the season, a complete check-up, with analytics and stress tests, with emphasis on his injury history. After all those necessary for the care of any common or sports disease.


  • How would you rate the health care of our professionals?
    For us, medical attention is fundamental, and CMVC has the necessary material means for first-level care, but what gives it true value is its human and professional potential; Having at our disposal, for example, Dr. Pedro Martínez Victorio is a luxury that equates us with clubs like Real Madrid or Fc. Barcelona in terms of health care.


  • Would you recommend a previous review to people who are not professionals but do physical exercise?
    Always, and not as a recommendation, but as an obligation. Sport is always beneficial for our health, but without the necessary tests to evaluate our state, it may be just the opposite.


  • What is the current state of Plásticos Romero?
    Well, since we are talking about health, we are very healthy and at our best. Deportiva we have a fabulous year, having managed to be in the Cup of Spain or have eliminated the Well in the Copa del Rey, something unthinkable just a year ago.


  • What did the triumph of last Saturday against Barcelona mean for the team?
    An injection of tremendous moral, to win one of the greats in league is very difficult, and if it is also in the Sports Palace with 4000 people live, with the Teledeporte cameras and with the CMVC sponsoring our shirt it is no longer You can ask for more.
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March 6, 2018

Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center was one of the protagonists as a reference case of success in the past Tecnoemergencias 2018 held in Valencia on February 28.

Together with Sanitas and SAMUR de Madrid, Virgen de la Caridad was exposed by the use of mobility biometric signature technologies in its home care service. Likewise, Virgen de la Caridad already uses technology in other services.

What is Tecnoemergencias?


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March 5, 2018

The Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center has a complete nutrition service that uses different methods to adapt to the needs of its patients, from Pronokal, Metabolic Balance to traditional nutrition.

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March 5, 2018

Patricia Ferrer, ophthalmologist and coordinator of the ophthalmology section of Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center tells us in Salud21 the news about this service.

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March 5, 2018

On the occasion of the charity musical event in favor of the Dravet Syndrome Foundation organized by Virgen de la Caridad, Salud21 reflects this article with the experience of Javier García Roca, father Adrián, the Cartagenero child with said Syndrome.

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March 1, 2018

The Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center has organized a charity concert on March 2 at the El Batel Auditorium, whose funds will go entirely to the Dravet Syndrome Foundation, a genetic disease of which 200 cases have been diagnosed in Spain, 6 of them in the Region of Murcia. The flamenco guitarist Carlos Piñana will perform at the gala, along with the singer Agustín Garnés, the dancer Cristóbal Muñoz and the percussionist Alejandro Solano.

The event was presented to the media at an event held in our facilities and he attended, in addition to the guitarist, the father of a child from Murcia who suffers from this disease, Javier García. He explained that “the studies on this disease are very advanced and we believe that in ten or fifteen years there could be a treatment to a very hard disease”.

Our marketing director, Puri Rodríguez, explained that “it is a cause that is worth organizing an event of these characteristics” and added that
Piñana did not think about it when I proposed to participate in the concert in a solidary and disinterested way.


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March 1, 2018

The Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center hosted the official presentation of the match that will face, this Saturday, March 3, Plásticos Romero Cartagena F.S against FC Barcelona Lassa. This match will be sponsored by the CMVC.
During the press conference the commemorative t-shirt of the event was shown and the particularities of the event were specified, with the Club clearly aiming to surpass the 4,000 spectators who attended the last appointment of the Sports Palace, last December before Catgas Energía .

Plásticos Romero Cartagena FS highlighted that CMVC is one of the usual collaborators of the club, “who has always put at our disposal all their medical services, covering not only our players, but also their families, which has made them medically we have one of the structures of the highest level, both professional and human, responding in a timely manner to any need. ”
The team added that CMVC has at all times “with the services of radiodiagnosis and the esteemed collaboration of its professionals, including orthopedic surgeon Pedro Martinez Victorio, which makes that in the prevention, treatment and recovery of injuries have a service integral”.


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March 1, 2018

The Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center has added a new non-surgical laser to its aesthetics department, which, acting as a high-powered laser, results in more lasting results. It serves “to attenuate and reduce wrinkles of the lips, crow’s feet, skin blemishes and other aesthetic problems, by means of a safe technique, without contraindications or side effects,” explains Dr. Olena Viter, aesthetic and master’s aesthetic and anti-aging medicine of CMVC.

  • What is the E.A.S.T. and how it works?

It is a non-surgical laser that works with long-wave radiofrequency technology. Plasma is used, through the principle of the ionization of gases in the air, which produces a tiny ray that goes to the area to be treated. When using it, a very superficial and controlled burn is created that creates an eschar that falls off 8 days after treatment and a transitory inflammation after the session.


  • What is the duration of the treatment?

It does not reach 15 minutes and it is only necessary to apply a previous anesthetic cream.


  • Are the results lasting?

When operating as a high power laser the results are more durable. For example, the wrinkles of the lips do not appear until after three years, like the crow’s feet, and in the spots the effect is usually permanent.


  • Does your use have any specific recommendation?

It is important to avoid the sun the weeks before treatment and three months later. For this, you have to use very high protection factor creams.


  • In what kind of problems is it recommended?

In pigmented areas, dermatological lesions, in xanthelasmas, blepharoplasty problems, wrinkles on the lips, warts, moles, ruby ​​points, fibroids, fat cysts, etc. Its use also improves acne scars and stretch marks.


  • Is it a safe treatment?

Yes, because despite a slight injury to the treated area is a technique that does not involve contraindications or side effects, just follow the instructions and precautions recommended.

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March 1, 2018

The Aesthetic and Health Clinic of the Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center has just added to its offer a new and revolutionary next-generation device, the CELLU M6 Alliance, with which a global action is possible that offers a simultaneous slimming and anti-aging treatment . It is a new patented non-invasive technology of mechanical stimulation of the skin, which allows to reactivate naturally the metabolism of the cells, intended for the treatment of body and face.

Caridad Nieto, from the team of estheticians at the Aesthetics and Health clinic, explains how the new LPG works

  • What is it for and what kind of problems does it act?
  • It is suitable for body remodeling, facial rejuvenation, circulatory disorders, pre and post surgical, body reaffirmation, obesity and oncology. The CELLU M6 Alliance is a great ally in aesthetic medicine, in plastic surgery and oncology, since it proposes combined pre and post protocols with the aim of facilitating interventions, dermal fillers, face lifting, liposuction, botox, tensor threads, peeling, carboxiterapia, etc.
  • What effects does it produce?
  • With its use, injectable products are better integrated, achieving a less traumatic treatment. It is 100% natural and does not cause side effects. Refines the silhouette, reaffirms the skin, activates circulation, smoothes the contours of the body, attenuates wrinkles, recovers the luminosity of the skin and redesigns the contours of the face, among other things.
  • Is the treatment painful?
  • Contrary to what happens with other devices this treatment is very pleasant.
  • How long is a session?
  • It depends on the area to be treated. About 10 to 40 minutes.
  • How many sessions can be done in a week?
  • It starts with 2 sessions a week. After 3 or 4 weeks it is passed to 1 weekly session.
  • When do we appreciate the results?
  • In corporal, the results are appreciated from the third session. Smoothes the skin of orange by 67%, reaffirms the skin by 71% and reduces by 3.4 centimeters the contour of the waist and belly. Regarding the facial results are seen from the 1st session with the smoothest wrinkles in 87%, the most resplendent complexion and the skin 70% firmer.

For more information visit our Clinic in Paseo Alfonso XIII, 8 mezzanine or call us at 968081771

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