Medical Tests
What is it

A diagnostic procedure to detect possible dermatological and or allergic reactions, it consists of exposing the skin to suspected allergens in a controlled environment for a specific period of time.

What is its purpose

As stated previously this test serves to determine whether a substance is causing an allergic reaction or irritant contact dermatitis

How is it done

This test consists of putting small quantities of suspected allergens in contact with the skin in an area where the patient is not experiencing dermatitis (normally the upper back). The allergens are mixed with an innocuous excipient and place in direct contact with the skin. To secure the allergen to the skin marked adhesive tape is used (hence patch tests) and left for 48 hours. During this time, the area may not be washed, nor can the patient play sport or any other strenuous activity that may provoke sweating, also it is not advisable to expose the patches to the sun or ultraviolet light. After 48 hours the patches are removed and an hour later the first reading is done, after a further 48 hours a final reading is done to determine the reaction to the substances and appropriate treatment.


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