Radiology Service

What is it

The Eco Color Doppler is a noninvasive diagnostic technique showing real-time images from inside the body, and the movement of blood through veins and arteries, measuring its flow.

The doppler system generates colour images allowing visualization of the flow of red blood cells in the veins (shown in blue), and arteries (shown in red), the monitor will show the direction and speed of blood circulation.

What is its purpose

This test is ideal for monitoring diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels. It shows the extent of an arterial blockage and its change to the process.

Similarly, it is presented as an effective method for the diagnosis of venous thrombosis, acute thrombophlebitis and to  differentiate the various causes of leg pain as it very accurately locates the arterial narrowing.

How is it done

This device, fast, effective and safe, High-frequency sound waves are transmitted from transducer into the body, the transducer collects the sounds that bounce back and transmits them as electrical impulses. During the study it is possible to hear sounds that correspond to the blood velocity.

No prior preparation is required for this procedure and it can be performed as often as necessary as there is no risk to the patient.

Available in Cartagena and Murcia

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