Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Medical Centre Virgen de la Caridad opens the doors to a new comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit for patients with brain injuries, whose aim is the total restoration of all injuries, both at a physical and intellectual level, thus allowing the patient to enjoy a situation similar to that which they had before the injury.

Acquired Brain Injury occurs in a patient with a previously healthy brain, the most frequent causes are Cranioencephalic Trauma, Cerebrovascular accident (CVA – Stroke), Cerebral tumours, Central nervous system infections, lack of oxygen to the brain for a varety of reasons, other neurological disorders.

For those who suffer a decline in intellectual capacity due to demential diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neurodegenerative syndromes whether in initial stages, where early diagnosis is essential to prevent disease progression, or in more advanced states:

We take care of a comprehensive recovery

The new comprehensive Rehabilitation unit is equipped with specific facilities reserved for the care of our patients. Medical Centre Virgen de la Caridad combines this with our qualified medical team to ensure specialised medical care in case it should be necessary.

  • Physiotherapy: The objective of physiotherapy is for the patient to achieve an improved level of autonomy and mobility.
  • Occupational therapy: Re-educates the patient in day to day tasks such as personal hygiene, that have been affected by the disorder.
  • Neuropsychology: studies and treats changes in memory, attention, perception
  • Neurological Speech and Language Therapy: Rehabilitation of oral and written communication, speech and other oral functions. Hearing and swallowing/assimilation
  • Neurology: Diagnoses, treats and manages the entire multidisciplinary team
  • Social Integrator: Helps the patient to have a social life similar to that which they had before the disorder.

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