Family Therapy

Each family has its own dynamic, it is an organized system with its own laws. The aim of therapy is to reconstruct this phenomenon to discover its laws of operation, identifying, under the apparent diversity of forms, fundamental schemes that allow general rules to be formed to establish the corresponding structural correlations

The family is a system of forces where the objective of all the group is to maintain its cohesion. When one of the group members becomes physically or mentally ill, or presents a behavioural psychological problem, they are expressing, in some form, a family pathology

The patient is the one of the group that has problems, if you like you can view this person as being the strongest of the group, not the weakest, because it is this person who has chosen to break the bonds because they find the situation as unsustainable.

The rest of the family group will be to try and maintain the equilibrium that the patient is daring to challenge, and it is probable that one of them will defer their own needs to try and achieve this,

Although a family system can be balanced, it can also be unhealthy. For example, if the mother fulfils two roles instead of one, because the partner is an alcoholic, the mother will provide balance to  the group but the situation can produce a distortion that is prejudicial to the well-being of its members

The technique of role play is used to discover the true working of a family group, this involves each of the family members playing the role of one of the others, acting “as if” they were the other person can help them become more aware of the problems the individual is facing.

As with any system forces come into balance when they are equalised, in this manner all family members must maintain their respective roles without adding unnecessary interaction, e.g. not meeting the expectations of their role, overacting the role or playing more than one role, their own and that of another group member.

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